Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aluminum Foil versus Plastic Wrap

Everyone has both aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Often people make the wrong assumption that they can be used interchangeably. I have been doing a little research and have come up with uses for both products and a surprising feature on the boxes.
I had no idea that since 1966 boxes of foil and saran wrap had secure roll locks on the end of the package. I can't tell you how many rolls of Saran Wrap I have thrown away because it unrolled on one side, and got all out of whack. Am I a dummy, or did you not know that these tabs existed either?

Uses for Aluminum Foil
  • Keeps oxygen out of meats which causes freezer burn - It is a good idea to rewrap meat to be frozen in aluminum foil
  • Transfers from fridge to oven when reheating casseroles or leftovers in oven - NOT MICROWAVE
  • Line cooking pans with foil to make clean up painless and easy
  • Crumple up a wad to clean cast iron skillet
  • Place on oven rack under food that may spill over to catch drips
  • Great to use as a cookie sheet in a jam 
  • Covers edge of pie crust when baking to keep from over browning
Uses for Plastic Wrap
  • Wrap Meat tightly in saran wrap when marinating - speeds up process
  • Great to keep acidic foods from turning brown- such as apples or avocados
  • Helps identify foods in the refrigerator- before they become a mass of green mold
  • Layer between stacked food items to be frozen
  • Safe in microwave- don't forget to poke holes in top
Please add any more thought provoking uses that you have found for these products in our comment section and let us know if you knew the ends were "secure hold tabs".

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