Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MeMe's Potato Salad-All The Secrets

MeMe's Potato Salad - Here's the Secret
Whenever we have a family gathering or special occasion, I am always asked to bring the potato salad. I have tried to tell my family and friends exactly how it is made, but they swear that it doesn't taste the same. Here are the secrets. Use five pounds red skinned potatoes. Peel and boil cubes of potatoes in well salted water. Throw in three eggs to boil around the last ten minutes-this just saves on clean up time. When done, drain potatoes and leave in pot to cool. This is what helps them keep their shape and not turn into mashed potato salad. When completely cool start adding mayo or Miracle Whip-never use reduced fat-and squirt in mustard. Salt and pepper again to taste. Chop boiled eggs and use Mt Olive sweet gherkins that have been cubed into small pieces-pickle relish just doesn't get it. Add chopped olives stuffed with pimentos for their tart flavor and color. You have to taste as you go-keep plenty of spoons available to avoid double dipping. Add mayo and mustard until you get that perfect blend of flavors. We don't add onions or celery, because the children and Michael just can't stand either raw. If done right, this recipe creates the perfect potato salad-at least as far as the Bailey's are concerned. Remember, completely cool the potatoes and never use pickle relish-always chopped gherkins. Oh, I almost forgot another secret, pour in a little pickle juice when adding in the gherkins. YUMMY!


  1. This is close to how I have always done it and a man where Wayne works says he loves it because it is the "old timey" way of making ps, I do not put olives but it would be good and I usually use relish along with chopped pickles and juice and I put a little paprika in mine also