Monday, August 25, 2014

Caprese Salad - Southern Style

We have been making basil and tomato salad drizzled with olive oil for years at our house. If you are a gal from South Georgia, then fresh tomatoes are like ambrosia. My favorite way of eating tomatoes is right over the sink, holding the tomato in one hand and the salt shaker in the other. My husband on the other hand, considered himself more of a gourmet. He grew fresh herbs and we always had a tomato plant staked against the backyard fence. A few years ago, our local grocery began selling fresh mozzarella in the deli section. I had often had Caprese Salad at restaurants, but did not enjoy the balsamic vinegar dressing. Therefore, our South Georgia version of Caprese Salad only has a drizzle of olive oil, along with delicious Tasty Lee tomatoes from Publix
I also like really good Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Zoe's Organic is very high quality. 

Southern Style Caprese Salad

3 Vine Ripe Tomatoes - Sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 pound fresh mozzarella- Sliced 1/4 inch thick
20 Basil Leaves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - good quality, such as Zoe's
Coarse Salt and Pepper

Arrange Tomato and Mozzarella slices on serving plate
Scatter Basil Leaves evenly over the slices
Drizzle with the Olive Oil 
Generously Salt and Pepper

Let sit for at least 5 minutes. You want the salt and pepper to have time to settle into the acidic tomatoes for that down-home taste. 

Eat this quite regularly while yummy tomatoes are readily available. Tomatoes are super healthy and very heart friendly. 

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